About Me

June Gowing Hillairet

About me – I grew up in Newcastle upon Tyne, and having a talent for music spent many years playing the piano in public and entering competitions. During this time my mother stimulated my imagination with lots of creative projects and I have happy memories of making things and looking forward to becoming a teacher of music. When she died suddenly, my hopes were dashed but eventually, and with great moral support from my friends, I managed to become a teacher.

I was teaching in Venice (and continuing music at the Conservatorio simply for the pleasure of it) when the travel bug got me by the throat and completely changed the course of my life. I had the opportunity to work as a Disk Jockey on an Italian cruise liner, embarked within a month and stayed for the next ten years. It was a wonderful life, meeting all sorts of interesting people, learning new languages and absorbing the colours and cultures wherever we went. But the sea! What a gift! I spent hour after hour watching the sea, totally in awe of the constantly changing colours and movements.

SS Eugenio Costa

I’ve lived and worked in five different countries, eventually meeting my French husband in Kuwait where I was teaching art and music and have finally settled in France, between the ocean and River Charente which inspire my work as do the sunflowers in summer. Here I dedicate my time to my painting. It’s been a fantastic ride!